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Office will be open

Monday to Friday 8:00am -3:30pm

Kindergarten to Grade 7 – All school supplies are

supplied for $35.00 dollar fee.

Fees are  to be paid as soon as possible.



Tuesday 5th – 1:30pm – Focus Group presentations

in the gym – everyone welcome!

Friday 8th – NID – No School

Wednesday 13th – Aboriginal Dance presentation

Thursday 21st– Talent Show in the afternoon –

everyone welcome!

Friday 22nd – Aboriginal Day Celebration (pm) –

parents/guardians are welcome to join their

children in the classroom for activities

Thursday 28th – 1:30pm – Year End Assembly in the gym –

everyone welcome!

Wednesdays in June – after school art program – all ages –

students will be notified thru announcements if cancelled

Wednesdays in June – after school athletics program –

grades 4-7 – for the month of June – Field Hockey

Last Day of School is June 28, 2018!

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Get Your Tremblay Gear!

T-Shirts $20.00 or 75 Gotchas/ See Ya’s – (red, green, blue, grey)

Waterbottles $8.00 or 40 Gotchas/See Ya’s – (red, green, blue)

Toques $10.00 or 50 Gotcha/See Ya’s – (black)





Regular School Hours will start on Friday, Sept 8, 2017 and will

follow the bell schedule posted below.


8:55 a.m.     Students enter the school to get ready for instruction

9:00 a.m.     Instruction Begins

10:40 a.m.      Recess Dismissal

10:55 a.m.     Recess Ends – Instruction Begins

11:55 p.m.      Students go outside to play

12:10 p.m.      Lunch

12:25 p.m.      Lunch Ends – Instruction Begins

2:36 p.m.     Dismissal   (All students, unless other arrangements have been made between a staff member and home, should be on their way home.  All students should be well informed by their parents/guardians about where they are to go after school and with whom.)



Playground supervision will be at 8:30.  Please

do not drop students off before 8:30 as there

is no supervision.

First bell rings at 8:55. Second Bell at 9:00am.

At the end of the day, supervision is only to see students off on their buses.

If a child is not taking a bus he/she should be leaving school immediately.


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Bus Garage phone number: 250-782-2106

All Student Bus Route Changes must be directed to the School Bus Garage for Approval

Parkhill / Tremblay Shuttle Bus Schedule

Pick- Up

8:35am – 3rd Street Townhouses City Transit Bus Stop

8:38am – Parkhill School City Transit Bus Stop

End Of School Day

2:35pm – Pick-up at Tremblay School

Arrival time

2:47pm – 3rd Street Townhouses City Transit Bus Stop

2:50pm – Parkhill School City Transit Bus Stop


Here at Tremblay Elementary we are  SCENT AWARE.

Please do no wear scented products when you come to school.

Let’s be considerate of others!!













School Calendar for

3 year calendar-Table-FINAL



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