FACEBOOK GROUP: Tremblay Elementary Parent Advisory Council


 Meetings are held in the Tremblay Library. Everyone is welcome!

Our PAC meetings will be held at 2:45 pm, in the room #6 on the following dates:

 Wednesday April 30, 2018


The PAC is a group of parents that have a strong voice.
We share, discuss and put forth ideas to create a
positive learning environment for all students.
We fund raise and just last year were able to provide
the school with i-Pads, indoor curling equipment,
student yoga instruction and yoga mats among other items.
We fund the school’s reading  program by buying
books and prizes.
We make things happen!
We have some great ideas for this coming school year
and would like to invite you to attend and share your ideas

2016-2017 was  a great PAC year…

PAC can be coming to monthly meetings or showing an

interest in your child’s school by volunteering time.

We can find a fit for you if you have 1 hour a month or

10 hours a month. It’s about having some fun and

enhancing our school and bottom line…the kids.